Cleaning services at  Pacific Commons are provided on a contract basis. Cleaning services in tenant spaces are the responsibility of the tenant.

Tenants are responsible for breaking down all boxes prior to disposal so that they lie flat in the dumpster. Cleaning personnel are not required, nor expected, to remove large packing cases or shipping boxes around the dumpster area. Arrangements should be made with the Management Office to dispose of these items. Boxes, furniture, and other disposal items are not to be left in the common area or dumpster area for pick up. The common area must remain clear in the event of an emergency evacuation of the building. Tenants are responsible for making outside arrangements for the removal and proper disposal of furniture, appliances, and electronic office equipment. 

Coffee grounds should be placed in trashcans and never washed down any part of the building plumbing system. To help eliminate unnecessary carpet stains due to leaking trash bags, containers with liquids should be emptied prior to disposal. 

Tenants are responsible for the proper collection, disposal, and removal of regulated medical “red bag” waste and Sharps containers. Tenants are responsible for providing red bags and Sharps containers in tenant spaces, and contracting for medical waste disposal directly with a medical waste disposal service. Cleaning personnel are not responsible for handling medical waste in tenant spaces. The disposal of any medical waste in building trash is strictly prohibited.